Cake Supplies USA is official distributor of the Italian Silikomart® products. We carry a wide range of products and are always adding the latest top quality easy-to-use food safe platinum silicone products and other excellent quality cake decorating products.

Cake Supplies USA has exclusively partnered with Silikomart® to bring their innovative products from Italy to stock on American shelves. Silikomart® has a long tradition of producing products made of high quality, FDA approved, platinum grade food safe silicone molds and pans. We also carry unique cake stands, chocolate melting pots, fondant tools, and edible decorations as well.

Silikomart® offers a wide range of refined and innovative products, with a functionality, practicality and beauty which meet the needs of all those who love to cook and bake. Silikomart® products have a reputation for enhanced design and are renowned for their high quality, ITALIAN MADE products. Platinum grade silicone provides excellent results and significant advantages.  Thanks to its heat resistance, thermal stability and flexibility, it can be used with temperatures ranging from -76°F to +450°F (-60°C to +230°C) basically from the freezer to the oven, and microwave you can use for a wide range or versatile products (baking your cake, custard, freezing your ice cream, chocolate melting & shaping, or fondant molding, and even ice cubes).

Platinum grade silicone is also non-stick, elastic, therefore very easy to take out your cake or chocolate from the mold, and resists for aging, it is up to 3000 use. It is also dishwasher safe. Platinum grade silicone is completely non-toxic, odorless and tasteless.  Compared to other types of silicone, platinum silicone is the purest and ensures complete food safety even for kids. Silikomart® has continuously strived to be able to offer its customers a superior product.  For this reason, production remains in ITALY to guarantee the customer a completely reliable and safe product in line with all regulatory standards.  Safety, quality and performance, combined with the unique product design, makes Silikomart® the leading specialist of culinary silicone. Over the years, Silikomart® has always invested heavily and believed in research to offer its customers new products that could provide inspiration and innovation.

Silikomart also holds the EASY CREAM patent, the technology developed to make ice cream on a stick with silicone moulds.

Our Food products are special, because of their Gluten-Free, AZO-free, GMO free and Organic products, which include Italian pastry, pane, pizza, muffin & cupcake, cake, ice cream, mousses, creams, and fillings mixes. These products are not just healthy, but also perfect and ready-to-use. Therefore, you can create stunning cakes and other treats, in a healthy way. All edible products uses high quality ingredients on traditional Italian recipes with the latest pastry chef trends to help you make the most of your creations!

We are certain that Cake Supplies USA will become your go-to source for all your cooking and baking needs. You can order online our products, or you can email us at Our staff is always ready to help you find the best products for making your baking and decorating dreams come true! Feel free to contact us anytime!